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Wolf GB08 Thunder
Wolf GB08 Thunder was born with the aim of being a fast and easy to drive race car that allows gentleman drivers to easily obtain exceptional performance thanks to its incredible weight / power ratio of 1.71 (378 kg x 220 hp) .The Italian Automobile Federation (AciSport) has chosen the Wolf GB08 Thunder as the only car allowed to participate in the Italian Sports Prototype Championship from 2018 to 2022. Available in 1.0 liter or 1.1 versions, it is also the car suitable for track days and hill climb.
* In the United States market the GB08 Thunder is sold with both engines in the basic version or with the Optional Pack which includes: carbon wing; data sensors (brake + GPS + steering); HD camera; transmission carbon belt.


Wolf GB08 Tornado
The Wolf GB08 Tornado is designed with the ambition to take the place of the Wolf GB08 Honda, which in addition to being the first CN2 built in carbon fiber , has won over 80 competitions since its debut on April 25th 2010, and twice the European FIA title (2011-2012) the Italian championship (2010) the Portuguese championship (2014) the German championship Div.2 (2014) the Belgian championship Belcar (2015) the 3H Endurance Champions Cup (2015) the Asian ELMS (2015-2016).During the design phase, every experience gained in 7 years of success was exploited to the maximum to make the Wolf GB08 Tornado the new reference for the CN category, and now the car represents the maximum expression of the quality of Wolf Racing.
* On request : double carbon seat; HD Camera; Graphic design and painting / wrapping.


Wolf GB08 F
The Wolf GB08 F has been designed to comply with the Hill Climb regulation which provides for the new high-performance single-seaters the FIA Formula 1 2005 safety certification, one of the maximum expression of the safety certification.
With an downforce that exceeds 1100 kg thanks to the ground effect, it is the ideal car for any type of competition but also for track days, available in two versions, F MISTRAL with PSA engines of 400 hp or in the Extreme version with V8 of 650 hp.

* On request: head-lights; HD Camera; graphic design and painting or wrapping

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